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Some think that the tattoo is a symbol of beauty; some think that it can avoid evil; some think that it is a symbol of a family or a tribe; some think that it is to prevent the northern Chawalong Tibetan chieftain from robbing the Dulong girl

  Another way to cross the river is to zipline.It is divided into two types: steep and smooth.


  The tattooed woman is another feature that attracts me.They bring daily necessities from afar,They also transported the furs, medicinal materials and other local products from the river valley to far away.

And this time of "opening the mountain",It is also the busiest season in the valley.Pingluo is mostly twisted into a zipline for three bamboos,People crossing the river climbed with hands and feet,Climb over a little bit.The steep slope is usually a wire rope,Two roots are often placed back and forth on both sides of the east and west,Choose cliffs with high and low drops on both sides of the strait,Tie the zipline with a boulder,Put a special skateboard or pulley on it,Then,People can "fly over" Dulong River.

  The Dulong River originated in Zayu, Tibet,After Yunnan meanders 150 kilometers from north to south,Bid farewell to the country to the west,Infuse the Enmei Kai River into Myanmar.The original ecological environment is intact in the canyon,Contains rich natural resources,Among them are takin, golden monkey, red panda, yew, Dong palm, Davidia involucrata and other rare animals and plants.But the brave Dulong man no matter how much he carries,You can fly across the river from the "suspension bridge" no matter day or night,The lightness of the movement,As if walking on the ground.  Dulong River Valley-a remote and mysterious river valley,Located in the northwest corner of Yunnan Province,The highest elevation in the territory is 4,963 meters,The lowest altitude is 1,000 meters.So traveling along the Dulong River,Just watching Dulong people cross the river,It made me feel great satisfaction.When it comes to "opening the mountain" every year,There is always a flow of people on Ma Shi Street,The horse was boiling.

  The valley is calm,Only the Dulong River is roaring,This is the eternal voice of life in the Dulong River Valley.They sang: "Oh cows offering sacrifices to the gods!This is your glory,You dedicate your life to the gods for us,Bless our well-being!"

  This time of year,It is also the most beautiful season in the valley.But no matter what,Today's Dulong girl no longer has facial tattoos,To get tattoos is after more than 30 years old.The Dulong River rushes between the valleys,On its east bank is the Gaoligong Mountain with an altitude of more than 4,000 meters.On the west bank is Dandalika Mountain, which is more than 5,000 meters above sea level, which is the boundary between China and Myanmar.

  The only street in Gongshan County—Ma Shi Street is only more than 200 meters long.But it is the only channel for the river valley to communicate with the outside world.Only the "open mountain" season when the ice disappears and snow melts in August of the coming year,Then there will be caravans ringing the bells,Carrying outdated information and indispensable daily necessities into the valley.

  On the slopes of the river valley,Dulong people have lived for generations.The caravan passes through the valley,Ma Ling wakes up the birds in the forest,The breeze is blowing,The red waves are surging,The green tide undulates,I seem to have walked into another world outside of 3D.

  The average width of Dulong River is about 40 meters.People in Dulongzhai on both sides of the strait "can hear conversations across the strait,Meet and shake hands for three days!"This is not an exaggeration.In some places, it's hard to shake hands and say joy even after walking for ten days.of course,If you pack too much,You can also stay in the wild temporarily,Put a small stone,The guarantee will not be lost.Early in the morning,人们就会从四面八方赶到寨子中心的一块平地上,那头将被祭天的黑牛,已被妇女们打扮得非常漂亮,然后由村里的长者牵着它开始绕房转圈。而这时锣鼓敲响,舞步迈开,人们用歌声与舞姿颂扬黑牛。








  我亲眼看见,独龙族人真的能“飞”过峡谷,而且还有多种“飞”法呢。  每年11月间,当高黎贡山开始落雨的时候,独龙河谷就几乎和外界失去了一切联系,十几米厚的积雪把一切住处都阻隔在雪山之外。那雄浑的声音,映着独龙河水的嘶鸣,回旋在河谷间,显得沧桑、豪放、大气。



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